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Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Addiction can take many different forms, as it is possible to become ‘addicted’ to any number of things. The most common addictions are to drugs (recreational or prescription), alcohol, gambling, shopping, and sex. Addiction to social media is becoming a recognised problem now too. When we are addicted to something, we feel a compulsion to continue to engage in a particular behaviour, even though we know that it is not healthy or helpful to our well being, and in fact may be damaging to us in any number of ways.

When we engage in a behaviour that we know is not helpful to us, we are making an emotional choice. We are probably getting some instant pleasure from that behaviour, even though we know we will come to regret it later. Or we may feel that we simply cannot continue without doing that particular thing.

With hypnotherapy, we can start to re-evaluate these emotional choices. We can reduce some of the stress associated with the problem, as well as general life stress, and this will allow us to see the issue more clearly, and begin to make more helpful choices. Hypnotherapy can help you find positives way to enjoy your life and find pleasure, without the need for unhealthy and damaging habits or addictions.

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