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Weight Management Course

If you’re struggling to manage your weight, this course is for you. Join us for a deep-dive into all the tricky topics around eating and managing your weight, and some life-changing information, tips and tools to help you move forward towards your weight-loss goals.

During our seven-week programme we will cover:

    • the psychology of eating and weight management
    • why we find it hard to reach and maintain our ideal weight or size
    • the problems with diets
    • the physiology of eating and weight management
    • how we sabotage ourselves and what we can do about it
    • intellectual vs emotional choices
    • the impact of stress, and the power of stress reduction
    • how our thinking styles and expectations affect our weight
    • the importance of sleep, and how to improve it
    • taking small steps forward
    • mindfulness and eating
    • how relaxation and hypnotherapy can help

You will experience for yourself:

  •  the benefits of taking small steps forward
  • the positive effects of changing your thinking
  • a healthier, happier relationship with yourself and food
  • stress reduction techniques
  • relaxation and guided visualisation/meditation
  • tools to continue your journey after the course

We will work in a holistic way towards your weight management goals, providing information, tools and techniques that you can continue to use after the course has ended.

This is a supportive and positive course, aimed at encouraging self-awareness and self-compassion. There is no obligation to share anything personal during the course, and there is no competitiveness amongst course delegates (we are a ‘shaming-free zone’).

Each session will include a presentation of information about weight management, some general discussion, goal-setting, and relaxation/visualisation/meditation. You will receive a digital download/MP3 as part of the course which you are encouraged to listen to throughout and beyond the programme. There will be tools and techniques to use outside of the course, as well as opportunities to join future weight management and wellbeing courses.

During the classes, we will spend some time in relaxation/meditation for which you will either lie on a yoga mat on the floor, or remain in a chair. Blankets will be provided. If you wish to bring any items to help you feel more comfortable (cushion, own mat, etc) please feel free.


Course Dates for 2024:



£149 *early booking discount

Normal price: £199

Course venue: The Observatory Practice, 8 The Crescent, Plymouth, PL1 3AB

Tutor: Jo Perry – clinical hypnotherapist, lecturer, and supervisor. Jo has nearly ten years of experience in hypnotherapy, and over twenty years of teaching experience. She is also the Proprietor of The Observatory Practice.

To book your place: Call The Observatory Practice on 01752 936303