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Anger and anxiety are our natural self-defence responses to situations that we perceive as threatening or dangerous. Anger is the ‘fight’ option of the fight or flight response. As primitive people, we would have needed to fight in certain circumstances, for example to defend ourselves or our families. When we experience anger, our body produces adrenaline and other stress hormones, and our upper body (especially the arms) become flushed with blood to provide extra strength so we can fight. This is why people often go red in the face or neck when angry.

Anger may be experience as an explosive outburst of rage or a loss of temper, such as road rage. We can also experience anger in the lesser forms of irritation, annoyance, frustration, and lack of patience.

Anger often results from thinking that things ‘should’ be different somehow – “he should have realised I was tired”, “she should have done the dishes”, “they shouldn’t speak to me like that”, “the world should be at peace”. When our expectations are not met, or we feel life is somehow unfair, we can become angry.

Sometimes anger may be a learned response. As a child, we may have used anger to get our own way, and have continued this behaviour into adulthood. Or we may have grown up with an angry adult and be conditioned to react in a similar way.

We now know that venting anger does not help to relieve it. Put simply, anger leads to more anger. And if anger gets out of control, it may lead to violence. Therefore, it important that we learn to control angry thoughts and feelings, to enable us to choose a more helpful way to deal with stressful situations.

Hypnotherapy helps to calm down the stress response, thereby reducing the amount of anger you feel. We help to put you back into control by teaching you how to remain calm, relaxed, and confident, so that you can cope more effectively with day to day life.