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Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can help children and young people feel much more positive, and in control of themselves and their lives. The natural state of trance is used to guide children towards more useful ways of managing their lives, so they are able to relax, and bring out the very best of themselves.

Children will learn about how their brain works, and how to deal with stress and anxiety. They have the opportunity to develop positive thinking to reduce anxiety and enjoy life more. Therapy sessions for children are fun, relaxing, and orientated towards helping them reach their positive goals for the future. Sessions are tailored to suit the individual child’s or young person’s age and needs.

I have worked with children from as young as 6 years old, and we see positive results very quickly with children. Sessions for young children about half an hour, which is reflected in a reduced price.

I offer a FREE initial consultation for parents/guardians, and a FREE relaxation CD/MP3 to help children begin to relax and sleep better.