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Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus

Tinnitus, often described as a ‘ringing in the ears’, is a condition in which a person hears a repetitive sound(s) that are inside their own body, rather than outside. Tinnitus is not just ringing, but also can be buzzing, humming, whistling, hissing, or pulsing noises. It can cause you to be hypersensitive of sounds, or to be less able to hear. It can be a very distressing condition. Tinnitus can be organic (caused by a physical issue), or sometimes there is no physical condition or explanation.

Tinnitus is often linked with anxiety and hypersensitivity. With anxiety, people become less able to ignore or filter out certain information, and then the mind becomes ‘tuned into’ it. The mind may see this noise as important to our survival – we need to be constantly aware of it – and it becomes very difficult or impossible to ignore.

Hypnotherapy can help to calm down the stress response, thereby lessening the anxiety and helping to ‘tune out’ the unwanted sounds, or to cope better and be able to enjoy life even if the sounds remain to some extent.

During your FREE Initial Consultation, I will explain about how the brain works in relation to tinnitus, and also stress, anxiety, etc. We will also give you a free relaxation CD to begin the process.