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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Many people trying to lose weight struggle between making the healthy choices they know will aid their efforts, and eating more compulsively for pleasure. When we feel stressed or unhappy, we tend to look for pleasure and self-comfort in the easiest and most readily available format. Many of us have been conditioned to associate food with comfort, love and pleasure. We also derive particular pleasure from sweet or fatty foods – foods that would have been scarce in nature, and therefore were rewarded with feelings of pleasure and encouragement when we found them. Nowadays, these foods are only too available to us. We all know that eating too much of these sorts of foods will not help us to lose weight (or be healthy), but it can be very difficult to resist.

Stress also encourages us to be compulsive – a useful survival technique if we are being chased by a bear and need to keep checking its whereabouts, but less useful when trying to make lifestyle choices. We often feel that this compulsive behaviour is outside our control, and this is where hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnotherapy can help with weight management by reducing stress and enabling you to make sensible choices about healthy living. We help you regain intellectual control to make the choices you want to make regarding your lifestyle. Many clients have found that they no longer ‘crave’ the unhealthy choices, but instead are happily choosing the options that aid them towards losing weight. By helping you to increase your levels of happiness and well-being, you will no longer seek pleasure from inappropriate sources such as unhealthy food choices. We help you find other sources of happiness and self-comfort, so you no longer seek this from food. The compulsive element is also reduced as the stress levels reduce.

Hypnotherapy offers a holistic and sustainable solution to weight management, rather than a ‘quick fix’. As you regain control of yourself and your life, you are more able to continue to make healthy decisions regarding your diet and lifestyle.