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In honour of International Women’s Day, it’s a nice idea to take a moment to think about the women in all of our lives and what they mean to us – our mothers, daughters, colleagues, wives, sisters, friends, fiancees. It’s a day to focus on the achievements of women, not just on a global scale, but also on a smaller and more personal level.

With Mother’s Day also coming up this Sunday, there’s definite feminine feel to this week, and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the amazing women we’re all fortunate enough to know and love. So why not tell these wonderful ladies how much we admire them and what they do, and have done.

And, ladies, please take a minute today to give yourself a pat on the back and recognise all of your achievements, however big or small. Give yourself the credit you deserve for all the fantastic things you do on a daily basis, and how much you support, inspire, care for, look after, manage, organise and create as part of your normal everyday routine! You rock! We rock! Happy Us Day! 🙂