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In other news, it’s Tap Dance Day! So dust off those dancing shoes, and Fred Astaire your way into the weekend. And let’s not forget how important positive activity is to your mental wellbeing. Positive activity helps you to create serotonin, one of the positive neurotransmitters that make you feel happy, able to cope, brave and enthusiastic. Serotonin also helps to dampen pain signals.

Aside from that, enjoyable physical activity also has beneficial effects of your brain and cognitive abilities. Enjoyable exercise helps us produce certain factors in the brain which enhance our mental abilities and can even regrow brain cells. (For more on this, I can wholeheartedly recommend John Ratey’s book ‘Spark’.)

So whether you’re tap dancing, jogging, playing badminton, surfing, walking the dog, perfecting your funky disco moves in the kitchen to Abba, or practicing long jump over the kids’ sand pit, you’re doing wonders for your mental wellbeing. (And no doubt amusing the neighbours too!)